The snowboard competitions at the resort

In the winter time every year our resort is world rundown for its skiing and snowboarding because of the Swiss Alps being it’s background. We have many great days for skiers and snowboarders because we have some of the best  back country that the world has to offer. With all that snow boarding comes competitions. We have many competitions that we hold every year at the resort that very from pro Fessional competitions down to just a little kids. We have everything you could possibly imagine and then some.  We have many sponsors when it comes to ski and snowboard competitions. They are businesses and what not that represent some of the riders that are competing.  One of our grade sponsors that we love is landscaping of Sacramento. They are a landscaping company out in Sacramento that happen to be very  Close friends and clients of the resorts as well. They are very big donors when it comes to competitions and they give away a lot of money to help people pay for the entry fees the competitions. You can find this  snowboarding competition sponsor at They are one of the many different sponsors that represent all of the riders that are in our competitions that we hold. There are huge sponsors that range all the way from Redbull to monster. We literally see the biggest names in the business when it comes to skiing and snowboarding sponsoring our competitions.  Companies like Redbull are nothing to Scott sad because they are the big kahuna when it comes to snowboarding competitions. They are one of the biggest sponsors for snowboarding and they do some amazing things.   We love Redbull because they are perhaps the biggest sponsor at our competitions. If it were not for them then we would not be able to put these things on. Redbull pays for everything that needs to be set up when having a competition. They’ll do everything from building the course, to paying the riders their share.  Redbull even pays us to let them hold the competition in our area. Since where we are at is very primetime conditions for competitions, we will oftentimes charge people a lot of money to hold the competition from where we are located. We love having these ski and snowboard competitions  because it gives a lot of entertainment for us to watch. The best froze from all over the world come to compete in the competition is that our at our resort. We’ve had skiers and snowboarders such as Shaun White,  Devon Walsh, Bobby Brown, Sammy Carlson, and many more from around the planet. We are absolutely amazed by some of the moves that they can do on either  skis or snowboard. Some of the things they do are literally death-defying. If they were to crash in one of the stunts then they would definitely hurt themselves if not die. That’s why this sport has become so exciting to watch is because that some people put their life on the line when they are doing such a big flips.

Overall, our resort is the absolute perfect place to hold the snowboard competition because we do have the number one rated quality of snow in the entire world.

The luscious mountains around our resort

Hello to our awesome viewers and again we welcome you back to our blog about our winter resort. Last time we talk to you about all the different accommodations that are included with your stay here at the resort. Today would you like to talk to you about the luscious mountains around our area. We have talk to you about snowboarding and skiing before  so now we would just like to talk to you about the mountains in general.

Swiss alps

We have some of the worlds most amazing mountains right in our backyard. We are right next to the Swiss Alps which are rated in the top five for skiing and snowboarding in the world. There is nothing that matches the quality of snow of these mountains because the powder is the lightest and fluffiest powder you have ever felt in your whole entire life.  You can literally pick up a handful of snow and not be able to make a snowball with it because it is so dry. It is rated the drive snow in the world because it is literally like dust. They talk about the champagne powder that is at steamboat springs in Colorado and that snow is nothing compared to the snow that is at our mountains.  Another reason why our mountains are the greatest in the world is because that they have some of the steepest slope’s on the planet. If you are in avid skier or snowboarder her, this is the place you want to come because we have slopes that go up to 60° in vertical.  That kind of slope is steep enough to where you will be hugging the snow walls as you write down. It is something that will definitely give you quite a thrill when you are skiing and or snowboarding.

We love the mountains here because when you’re out there they make you feel one with nature. Unlike any other mountain range in the world, the range by our resort is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. We think that because they are so much larger than all of the other mountain ranges, it makes it so that the nature comes to you.  If you were to take a helicopter to the peaks of one of the mountains around us, you would be able to feel completely one with the elements. When you are up at the peak of the mountain, there is no noise at all. It is literally the quietest thing you have ever heard in your life and  it will completely change your outlook on life when you do so.

So after you read this post we highly recommend that you come to our resort and visit the sweet selves because they will change your life forever.

We would like to give a special shout out to for giving us inspiration on snowboarding and skiing. Please support their page and buy their magazine.

The amenities The resort has two offer.

Menjangan resort

Hello everybody and we are back with another awesome post for you guys!. Today we will be talking to you about all the awesome accommodations that are at our resort. We offer many accommodations from 24 hour spas to free room service.  We are an all inclusive resort that offers all the amenities at no extra charge with your rooms day. What’s awesome about this is that you get to do activities like skiing and snowboarding and go to the beach as well and the summertime for free.

Our food service is amazing we offer all-you-can-eat lobster, steak, shrimp, seafood, and any other type of food you can imagine. If you were to go to resort where you had to pay for dinner every single night you would spend hundreds of extra unnecessary dollars.  We are one of the only resorts around that does this thing for our customers. All the other resorts are about making as much money as possible and they really tend to forget about their customers and how they feel. It is something that is really sad because we care about our customers from the bottom of our hearts.

Our 24 hour luxury spa is something that is completely out of the dream. You can go and get a massage as many times as you please while you’re at here for your stay. Are you to do is give us a call so that we can send a private masseuse out to the location where  that person. And he will give you a full body two hour massage for no extra charge. This is something that will cost you $100 an hour anywhere else. And like we said, you get unlimited of them. Our relaxed cereals are also equipped with a full workout facility, Hot tubs, pools, and any other  amenity you can possibly think of. We also have basketball courts and tennis courts too.

we feel that our resort is a very special one because nobody else offers the types of services that we do. There is no other resort in the area that has all the accommodations included with the state as well as the excursions too.  We have many different excursions to choose from. There is everything from snowmobile trips, ATV troops, dirt bikes, snowboarding, skiing, and many more activities to go around.   We highly recommend that you visit a resort this winter because we would like to inform you that we will be running specials soon and our rooms will be at 50% off.

So if you’re a person that is looking for an absolutely awesome stay, then you should book a room with us today!


The best activity to do at the resort

Here is is an awesome video about snowboarding, go ahead and take a look at it and see what you think.

Today we are going to be talking to you about the most fun activity to do at our resort. With this we are going to take you into the wintertime. Everybody knows that the country that we are in holds very big mountains. And that is why we you’re going to say that the best activity to do is snowboarding. Forget skiing, that is a thing of the past now is the time to bring snowboarding the credit it deserves. Anyway, let’s get back to the task at hand which is telling you why snowboarding is such a great activity to do at our resort.

We have one of the greatest ski lodges in the world and people come all of the planets to come snowboard the awesome deep powder snow we get every single year. For us, they call it champagne powder for a reason. It is so light and fluffy that you cannot even form a snowball with it.  Something that is very important when it comes to writing in powder snow because you wanted to be so light that no matter how many people read through it, it will never get packed down.  That is something that is good here because we get millions of visitors every year to come ski on our slopes.

Another reason that we recommend snowboarding is because it is a good time for the family to get together. There is nothing that will bring your family closer than activities in the snow. Something about the smell just brings a very cool vibe in and lights up everybody’s life.

Let’s teach you a little bit about how to  snowboard.

The first part we want to teach you about is how to stand up and slide on the board. There are a few things you have to do before you can be prepared to snowboard. First off, you need all of your snowboarding gear. That means you need your boots, your helmet, you’re bored, here bindings, your pants, jacket,  goggles, and gloves. Once you have all these pieces of equipment on you are ready to start snowboarding. The next thing you want to do is get on your snowboard. Once you’re on your snowboard, then you can practice sliding down the hill by side sleeping on your back it. Do you do that it is now time to do AC turn get on your snowboard. Once you’re on your snowboard, then you can practice sliding down the hill on your  back edge. Once you were done with that part, you are now ready to start  Learning how to turn. The first turn you are going to learn is a  see turn. That is when you slide on your toe edge and form a C motion. Once you have mastered that turn it is time to do the reverse with your nack edge.

Once you have your heel edge turn down then you can start linking the two turns together. When you link them together you will create an S turn which connects your heel and your toe edge simultaneously. In other words this is called carving. Carving is a type of turn  where everything is fluid and flowing together. When you’re carving you want to make sure that you’re only turning in your edge and not sliding with the bottom of your board when you turn. It takes quite a long time to master how to carving to snowboard, but after some time you will figure out how to get it done right.  Once you have learned how to car going to snowboard, then you can start getting into the bigger things like balmy downhill really fast speeds, and doing crazy big tricks. You will start with the 360, and then learn a backflip and so on. There are so many crazy things you can do the snowboard that it is insane, and our resort is the perfect place to snowboard in the winter because it has some of the best powder snow in the world. So make sure to come visit our resort this coming winter and do a little bit of snowboarding. We promise that when she do it once you will be hooked forever.

now good luck with your adventures snowboarding and we wish you an awesome day!

The Menjangan Resort

This is the official blog of the menjangan record located in menjangan. This is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world and it is highly  recommended that you get a chance to visit at least once in your lifetime. It is located right next to a beautiful national park that is full of wildlife and natural ecosystems. As the blog the resort,  it is our duty to give you articles about what is recently happening at the resort, what to expect upon arrival, the activities, and many other things.  We are basically your one stop shop for information on the resort.

One big reason why you should visit this resort.

You should visit this resort because it is the greatest resort in the world. We say this because of all the different things there are to do and the quality and service that we have to offer. We are a five star destination  that is all inclusive and very private. You can sit back and relax as you spend a nice vacation with us. We have been rated five out of five stars in traveler magazine  and one of the top five places to stay in the New York Times. No that is quite a reputation. We have  all the proof to back up our claims of our reputation. Some of the most prestigious royalty and celebrities in the world have stayed at our resort as well. We have had Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Kim Kardashian, Chris Kardashian,  Bruce Jenner, Kanye west, Mohamed all Lee, chai Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, Jordan Belfort, Martin Scorsese,  Martin Scorsese,  50 Cent, Eminem, Dr. Trey, Floyd Mayweather, Barack Obama, and many other icons stay at this resort. As you can tell,  we are quite prestigious place and that is why you need to visit us soon us possible!

we will be posting articles on a daily basis about the different things that this resort has to offer. So if you’re interested in learning more please visit the about resort page on our website and check back daily.