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Hello everybody and we are back with another awesome post for you guys!. Today we will be talking to you about all the awesome accommodations that are at our resort. We offer many accommodations from 24 hour spas to free room service.  We are an all inclusive resort that offers all the amenities at no extra charge with your rooms day. What’s awesome about this is that you get to do activities like skiing and snowboarding and go to the beach as well and the summertime for free.

Our food service is amazing we offer all-you-can-eat lobster, steak, shrimp, seafood, and any other type of food you can imagine. If you were to go to resort where you had to pay for dinner every single night you would spend hundreds of extra unnecessary dollars.  We are one of the only resorts around that does this thing for our customers. All the other resorts are about making as much money as possible and they really tend to forget about their customers and how they feel. It is something that is really sad because we care about our customers from the bottom of our hearts.

Our 24 hour luxury spa is something that is completely out of the dream. You can go and get a massage as many times as you please while you’re at here for your stay. Are you to do is give us a call so that we can send a private masseuse out to the location where  that person. And he will give you a full body two hour massage for no extra charge. This is something that will cost you $100 an hour anywhere else. And like we said, you get unlimited of them. Our relaxed cereals are also equipped with a full workout facility, Hot tubs, pools, and any other  amenity you can possibly think of. We also have basketball courts and tennis courts too.

we feel that our resort is a very special one because nobody else offers the types of services that we do. There is no other resort in the area that has all the accommodations included with the state as well as the excursions too.  We have many different excursions to choose from. There is everything from snowmobile trips, ATV troops, dirt bikes, snowboarding, skiing, and many more activities to go around.   We highly recommend that you visit a resort this winter because we would like to inform you that we will be running specials soon and our rooms will be at 50% off.

So if you’re a person that is looking for an absolutely awesome stay, then you should book a room with us today!


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