The best activity to do at the resort

Here is is an awesome video about snowboarding, go ahead and take a look at it and see what you think.

Today we are going to be talking to you about the most fun activity to do at our resort. With this we are going to take you into the wintertime. Everybody knows that the country that we are in holds very big mountains. And that is why we you’re going to say that the best activity to do is snowboarding. Forget skiing, that is a thing of the past now is the time to bring snowboarding the credit it deserves. Anyway, let’s get back to the task at hand which is telling you why snowboarding is such a great activity to do at our resort.

We have one of the greatest ski lodges in the world and people come all of the planets to come snowboard the awesome deep powder snow we get every single year. For us, they call it champagne powder for a reason. It is so light and fluffy that you cannot even form a snowball with it.  Something that is very important when it comes to writing in powder snow because you wanted to be so light that no matter how many people read through it, it will never get packed down.  That is something that is good here because we get millions of visitors every year to come ski on our slopes.

Another reason that we recommend snowboarding is because it is a good time for the family to get together. There is nothing that will bring your family closer than activities in the snow. Something about the smell just brings a very cool vibe in and lights up everybody’s life.

Let’s teach you a little bit about how to  snowboard.

The first part we want to teach you about is how to stand up and slide on the board. There are a few things you have to do before you can be prepared to snowboard. First off, you need all of your snowboarding gear. That means you need your boots, your helmet, you’re bored, here bindings, your pants, jacket,  goggles, and gloves. Once you have all these pieces of equipment on you are ready to start snowboarding. The next thing you want to do is get on your snowboard. Once you’re on your snowboard, then you can practice sliding down the hill by side sleeping on your back it. Do you do that it is now time to do AC turn get on your snowboard. Once you’re on your snowboard, then you can practice sliding down the hill on your  back edge. Once you were done with that part, you are now ready to start  Learning how to turn. The first turn you are going to learn is a  see turn. That is when you slide on your toe edge and form a C motion. Once you have mastered that turn it is time to do the reverse with your nack edge.

Once you have your heel edge turn down then you can start linking the two turns together. When you link them together you will create an S turn which connects your heel and your toe edge simultaneously. In other words this is called carving. Carving is a type of turn  where everything is fluid and flowing together. When you’re carving you want to make sure that you’re only turning in your edge and not sliding with the bottom of your board when you turn. It takes quite a long time to master how to carving to snowboard, but after some time you will figure out how to get it done right.  Once you have learned how to car going to snowboard, then you can start getting into the bigger things like balmy downhill really fast speeds, and doing crazy big tricks. You will start with the 360, and then learn a backflip and so on. There are so many crazy things you can do the snowboard that it is insane, and our resort is the perfect place to snowboard in the winter because it has some of the best powder snow in the world. So make sure to come visit our resort this coming winter and do a little bit of snowboarding. We promise that when she do it once you will be hooked forever.

now good luck with your adventures snowboarding and we wish you an awesome day!

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