The luscious mountains around our resort

Hello to our awesome viewers and again we welcome you back to our blog about our winter resort. Last time we talk to you about all the different accommodations that are included with your stay here at the resort. Today would you like to talk to you about the luscious mountains around our area. We have talk to you about snowboarding and skiing before  so now we would just like to talk to you about the mountains in general.

Swiss alps

We have some of the worlds most amazing mountains right in our backyard. We are right next to the Swiss Alps which are rated in the top five for skiing and snowboarding in the world. There is nothing that matches the quality of snow of these mountains because the powder is the lightest and fluffiest powder you have ever felt in your whole entire life.  You can literally pick up a handful of snow and not be able to make a snowball with it because it is so dry. It is rated the drive snow in the world because it is literally like dust. They talk about the champagne powder that is at steamboat springs in Colorado and that snow is nothing compared to the snow that is at our mountains.  Another reason why our mountains are the greatest in the world is because that they have some of the steepest slope’s on the planet. If you are in avid skier or snowboarder her, this is the place you want to come because we have slopes that go up to 60° in vertical.  That kind of slope is steep enough to where you will be hugging the snow walls as you write down. It is something that will definitely give you quite a thrill when you are skiing and or snowboarding.

We love the mountains here because when you’re out there they make you feel one with nature. Unlike any other mountain range in the world, the range by our resort is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. We think that because they are so much larger than all of the other mountain ranges, it makes it so that the nature comes to you.  If you were to take a helicopter to the peaks of one of the mountains around us, you would be able to feel completely one with the elements. When you are up at the peak of the mountain, there is no noise at all. It is literally the quietest thing you have ever heard in your life and  it will completely change your outlook on life when you do so.

So after you read this post we highly recommend that you come to our resort and visit the sweet selves because they will change your life forever.

We would like to give a special shout out to for giving us inspiration on snowboarding and skiing. Please support their page and buy their magazine.

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