The snowboard competitions at the resort

In the winter time every year our resort is world rundown for its skiing and snowboarding because of the Swiss Alps being it’s background. We have many great days for skiers and snowboarders because we have some of the best  back country that the world has to offer. With all that snow boarding comes competitions. We have many competitions that we hold every year at the resort that very from pro Fessional competitions down to just a little kids. We have everything you could possibly imagine and then some.  We have many sponsors when it comes to ski and snowboard competitions. They are businesses and what not that represent some of the riders that are competing.  One of our grade sponsors that we love is landscaping of Sacramento. They are a landscaping company out in Sacramento that happen to be very  Close friends and clients of the resorts as well. They are very big donors when it comes to competitions and they give away a lot of money to help people pay for the entry fees the competitions. You can find this  snowboarding competition sponsor at They are one of the many different sponsors that represent all of the riders that are in our competitions that we hold. There are huge sponsors that range all the way from Redbull to monster. We literally see the biggest names in the business when it comes to skiing and snowboarding sponsoring our competitions.  Companies like Redbull are nothing to Scott sad because they are the big kahuna when it comes to snowboarding competitions. They are one of the biggest sponsors for snowboarding and they do some amazing things.   We love Redbull because they are perhaps the biggest sponsor at our competitions. If it were not for them then we would not be able to put these things on. Redbull pays for everything that needs to be set up when having a competition. They’ll do everything from building the course, to paying the riders their share.  Redbull even pays us to let them hold the competition in our area. Since where we are at is very primetime conditions for competitions, we will oftentimes charge people a lot of money to hold the competition from where we are located. We love having these ski and snowboard competitions  because it gives a lot of entertainment for us to watch. The best froze from all over the world come to compete in the competition is that our at our resort. We’ve had skiers and snowboarders such as Shaun White,  Devon Walsh, Bobby Brown, Sammy Carlson, and many more from around the planet. We are absolutely amazed by some of the moves that they can do on either  skis or snowboard. Some of the things they do are literally death-defying. If they were to crash in one of the stunts then they would definitely hurt themselves if not die. That’s why this sport has become so exciting to watch is because that some people put their life on the line when they are doing such a big flips.

Overall, our resort is the absolute perfect place to hold the snowboard competition because we do have the number one rated quality of snow in the entire world.

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